Annual Report 2015

Letter from the Board of Management

Dear Shareholders, Dear Business Associates,

Picture of the Management Board

The past financial year of 2015 brought very mixed fortunes from an overall economic perspective. After a very dynamic start into the financial year, the economic prospects became ever more clouded as it progressed. The reasons for this were many and varied. Overall, growing uncertainty about the future prospects were registered in the second half of the year in almost all industrial sectors, and therefore also in the capital market. Even though this environment was not always ideal, technotrans adhered consistently to the path it had previously set out on and ended the year with the best set of business results since 2007.

How did we achieve that?

We were able to increase our market shares in almost every area of activity. Our successful market work among existing and new customers, our cross-group technological product developments and our extensive range of services tailored to customer requirements all played a major part.

Our business figures for 2015 also reflect this:

We were able to increase our revenue in all technotrans sub-markets yet again, with the total of € 122.8 million representing organic growth approaching 10 percent.

We succeeded in increasing the operating result (EBIT) by a significant degree to 7.3 percent; that is an improvement of 31.1 percent on the previous year.

In conjunction with the operating profit, the net income also improved by 42.9 percent to € 6.3 million.

We have chosen “growing together” as the motto for this year’s Annual Report. This phrase underlines our assessment of where technotrans is currently at. While our focus in previous years was on accessing new market areas and new customers, in 2015 we started to bundle the potential that we had now unlocked, and to distribute it among the individual business units. As a result, we are now in a position to adapt our processes even more flexibly to the highly diverse customer requirements worldwide, and to offer our customers the technology that they expect even faster.

For 2016, we currently assume the economic environment will continue to present a mixed picture. However, thanks to our well-oiled corporate network and our steadily growing customer base, we are very confident of again increasing both revenue and profit in the new financial year.

Our thanks are due not only to our shareholders, but in particular to our employees and also our customers all over the world.

On behalf of the Board of Management

Henry Brickenkamp