Annual Report 2015


The past year of 2015 was both challenging and successful for Purchasing.
Effective supplier management at a time of growing product diversification, high flexibility and relatively low vertical integration are essential prerequisites of continuing to operate successfully. Good relations with our partners are consequently imperative. At a time of growing challenges, we succeeded in keeping prices of materials largely stable and maintaining a reliable and flexible supply of parts for the new markets, too. In addition, further synergy potential was again generated within the group in 2015.

Time to market remains a key success factor for technotrans in diversifying its markets and products. This was as valid as ever in 2015 because of the challenges presented by implementing the diversification strategy in practice at operational level. New markets, new products and a production growth of around 10 percent considerably increase the complexity of managing materials and resource requirements.
Criteria such as efficiency, quality and costs must not be neglected. To accommodate future requirements even more closely, technotrans started to analyse the organisation and processes in the year under review. The aim is to optimise the structures to handle growing complexity. As part of an internal supply chain management (SCM) project, the existing processes are systematically thrown open to question and reorganised if necessary. The focus here is above all on the interfaces between the task areas in order to achieve consistent process optimisation.

Ongoing process optimisation, leaner structures and high employee commitment in all areas of the company are essential factors in technotrans achieving its goals successfully. The combination of professional structures, a pragmatic outlook and receptiveness to new ways of doing things will remain a fundamental part of technotrans’ corporate culture.