Annual Report 2015

V. Notes to the Segment Report

Segment information is provided on the basis of the business segments for internal reporting purposes. Segmentation according to the Technology and Services Divisions is performed in agreement with the internal reporting structure of the technotrans Group.

The Technology segment generates revenue through sales of equipment in the areas of liquid technology and laser technology. The Services segment generates revenue through after-sales service activities, installation, maintenance, servicing and the supplying of spare parts, as well as through compiling technical documentation and producing and selling software for the compilation of documentation. The revenue generated by gds Sprachenwelt GmbH from translation services is equally allocated to the Services segment.

The revenue amounting to € 122,838 thousand (2014: € 112,371 thousand) comprises € 61,413 thousand (2014: 61,910 thousand) generated in Germany and € 61,425 thousand (2014: € 50,461 thousand) generated internationally. The latter component included € 18,220 thousand (2014: € 15,441 thousand) from America and € 14,730 thousand (2014: € 10,860 thousand) from Asia. Revenue is classified on the basis of the domicile of the customer with which the revenue is realised.

The non-current assets amounting to € 25,265 thousand (2014: € 26,906 thousand) can be broken down by region as follows: Germany € 24,106 thousand (2014: € 25,661 thousand) and international € 1,158 thousand (2014: € 1,245 thousand).

The Segment Report itself is presented at the start of the Notes to the Consolidated Financial Statements.

The delivery prices for transactions between the segments are generally agreed on the same basis as transactions between a group company and a third party.

The Segment Report provides an analysis of the earnings figures. The segment information comprises both directly allocable amounts and amounts that can reasonably be split. No reconciliation between the segment and consolidated data is required, as the figures in the segment information coincide with those in the Consolidated Income Statement and Cash Flow Statement. The result for the segments corresponds to the earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) in the Income Statement. The accumulated result for both segments of € 8,952 thousand, reduced by the net finance costs reported in the Income Statement of € -261 thousand, produces the accounting profit (€ 8,691 thousand).

Within the group’s total revenues, one customer of the Technology and Services group segments brings in € 22 million of the group’s total revenues.